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What you can do

There are many things that you can do to make the world a better place; some require big sacrifices, some very small sacrifices, and some no sacrifice at all. The choices are yours. I have set out some suggestions below, trying to list the most important ones first.

To change the world you need to take action
Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad changed the world more than anyone, but only because people chose to follow them. If dissatisfied with the world, you need to take action within your resources, and find others to collaborate with.
Be personally successful
I meet many young people whose main goal is to work for a charity or an NGO. They underestimate how personal success enables you to do more good for others.
Choose words that unite people
Every day, we influence others when we speak with them. The words we choose to use can divide us from other people, or bring us together. I give some specific examples.
Show Muslims are normal citizens
Muslims are normal British citizens with much to contribute to society. A short exchange of comments about the commercial value of psychological testing reminded me of the need for Muslims to speak up about issues that have nothing to do with religion. Doing so reinforces their position as full citizens.
Overcome your unconscious bias
My 90-second "Thought for the Week" on BBC Radio Manchester devoted to unconscious bias. In it, I shared two examples of my own unconscious bias, including a riddle which defeated me, my wife and my sister. The page also has some additional resources on the subject including the Implicit Association Test. By understanding and overcoming your own unconscious bias, you will make the world a better place.
Join a political party
This will cost less than £40 per year, but will dramatically increase your political impact. The amount of time you spend is up to you, but even if you spend almost no time on party activities, you can still make a difference as I explain on the linked page.
Write to the media and politicians
In Britain, we have the right to free speech, and should make our voice heard. I have explained why we should write letters and website comments, and set out how to maximise your effectiveness.
Make public comments on websites
Many website articles allow comments to be posted. Even if there are many other comments, quickly adding your own comment can be worthwhile and takes little effort. I outline some rules that will increase the impact of your comments.
An illustrative political complaint letter
I have written to the Superintendent of West Point objecting to a proposed speaker. The email is reproduced with an explanation of my thought process.
Make choices that increase social cohesion
A society is cohesive if its members belong to groups with many overlaps and linkages. The individual choices each of us makes every day, if anything, have even more impact on society than government action. Choosing to engage with people who differ from you will make society more cohesive. It will also be more developing for you personally
How to help Burma's Rohingya Muslims
I attended a small event to discuss how to help them Burma's Rohingya Muslims. As well as violence they face significant legal discrimination and are denied citizenship. There are some simple actions that each of us can take.


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