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Step 1

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Step 2

After Step 1, you will receive an email, sent from [email protected]

You need to click the confirmation link within that email.

You will then receive a final email which says "Welcome to Mohammed Amin's mailing list used to notify when a new page is added to his website"

When you receive that message, you will know that the process is complete and you are fully added to my email list.

Until Step 2 is completed, you will not be on my email list. If the confirmation link email does not arrive in your inbox, please look in your online email system's spam box.

Technical note: the connection used by this page

In June 2017, I converted my website from using http to using https which creates a secure connection.

However, the form used to manage the mailing list is provided by my ISP, and that form uses http and not https (secure http). Accordingly your browser may warn you that your connection is not secure. For example using Chrome my browser shows the address bar as reproduced below:

If you click in your browser's address bar on the circle containing the letter "i" Chrome will warn you that parts of the page are not secure. Mozilla Firefox gives you a similar warning, but will also block the form while giving you the option of disabling the protection.

The only information the form asks you for is your email address, so you should not be concerned about sending this via a non-https connection.

Additional information

My email list, called [email protected], is used by me for only one purpose - to notify people each time I add a new page to my website.

I am the only person with access to the list. I do not share the details with any other person or organisation and do not use it for any other purpose.

Only I can write to this list; nobody else. Please do not reply to the list email address; it will not work. If you want to send me an email, please go to the "Contact me" page.

To avoid the risk of any future emails going into spam, please add the following email addresses below to your online address book:


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