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To change the world you need to take action

Within your resources, give your time, give money, and find like minded people to collaborate with.

Posted 2 March 2021

On Sunday, I gave my 60th "Thought for the Week" broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester. I used it to share something I feel very strongly about.

The slot is meant to be lightly religious, and I needed to avoid ranting. Accordingly I made the point quite gently. However it is a very serious point: if you care about the state of the world, do what you can within your limited powers to change it.

That thought is the origin of my strapline: "Each of us changes the world every day. We can choose to make it a better place."

Thought for the Week

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, BBC Radio Manchester have had their guests appear remotely. Accordingly I recorded the text of my Thought and sent it to the BBC in advance, while appearing live by telephone to discuss my newspaper review.

Accordingly, as well as reading it below, you can also hear it.

Hear my "Thought"

Read my "Thought"

There are two people who changed the world more than anyone else I can think of.

They are Jesus Christ, and the Prophet Muhammad. Today, about half the world follows their religions. The rest live in a world that has been shaped by Christianity and Islam for many centuries.

However, Jesus and Muhammad didn’t change the world by themselves.

They had followers. Famous followers such as the Apostles and the Companions of the Prophet. Their names will live for ever.

However, there were many more followers. Followers who are nameless. The world changed because those nameless followers decided to do something different. They took action by leaving the religion of their parents and joining a new one.

Today, I meet many people who are unhappy about the state of the world. Or rather I used to meet such people before the pandemic!

They grumble about things, and at home they probably shout at the TV. That changes nothing.

To change the world, you have to do something. You either spend your time doing things, or you give money to other people so they can do things. That is the only way to achieve change.

And remember, you are not going to do it by yourself.

You have to find others who want to make the same changes. Together, you and other people taking action really can change the world.

It has been done many, many times.


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