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Media reviews

Film was the most important new art form of the 20th century, possibly the most important since the invention of the book. Films can be mere entertainment to pass the time but they can also educate and inspire us. Many of the films that we have seen become an integral part of our lives.

Like books, films take us out of the greyness of our mundane everyday existence into a world of magical possibility. For example, I was aged in single figures when I watched the immensity of ancient Egypt and was inspired by "The Ten Commandments" and have never forgotten it.

Subsequent to films, radio, TV, and now new media such as podcasts have transformed how we learn about the wider world. This page lists my occasional reviews of all media formats.

Field of Dreams - 1989
This film has a magical quality and I would describe it as almost perfect.
My name is Khan - 2010
This film made me laugh and cry. It is great entertainment with some powerful messages.



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