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Site philosophy


19 March 2011

While this site has now been in existence for about a year, seeing something in a Google Analytics report has spurred me to explain the thinking that underlies the site and its design.

What this site is for

The only goal of this website is to help readers by providing worthwhile and useful content.

I was prompted to write this page by something that caught my eye as I was reviewing the Google analytics data for my website. Google Analytics is a service from Google, which is free to small websites, which provides anonymous data regarding your website. This includes numbers of visitors, how they came to your site, and which pages they looked at. For users who came from a search engine, Google Analytics tells you what search terms they used.

The report told me that during the last month, one reader performed the Google search is it ok to marry your first cousin in islam, came to my site and spent 17 minutes reading two pages. When I checked today by performing the Google search is it ok to marry your first cousin in islam the number one result was my page on the health risks of marrying your first cousin.

This reader will have learned something worthwhile by spending 17 minutes on the site, which I assume were mostly spent reading that page. That is a microcosm of my entire purpose in creating and maintaining this site.

Visual appearance

I want the site to be easy to read and uncluttered. Accordingly I have no extraneous advertisements, apart from the results page for Google site searches, where the Google Ads appear unavoidable if you want a Google site search box. There are also no pictures except when they are directly relevant to the text.

The choice of fonts, colours and page layout is driven entirely by legibility.

If you have any suggestions on how the site can be made even easier to read or navigate, please send them to me using the facilities on the "Contact me" page.


I only write a page if there is something that I want to say, and I try to make it as good as I possibly can. Whether I care about something is my sole criterion for writing about it.

I do not reproduce content from other writers, but where relevant will include links within my pages.

Linking to this site

I welcome people creating links to my pages. To make linking reliable, every page has its own URL, and I do not move pages around after creating them. Accordingly if you do link to a page, you should find that the link is permanent.


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