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TV Debate: Radicalisation on Campus


Transmitted 26 June 2013. Posted 5 December 2014.

On 26 June 2013 the Islam Channel devoted the whole of its programme “The Debate” to a discussion of radicalisation on university campuses. Although the Islam Channel normally uploads its current affairs programmes to YouTube relatively promptly, in this case there was a long delay before it was uploaded on 13 January 2014. There was a further delay before I became aware that the programme was now available on YouTube.

Despite the intervening 18 months, the discussion is just as relevant today as when it was transmitted since the issues have not changed.

The making of the programme was prompted by the issue of a report “Challenging Extremists – Practical frameworks for our universities” by Rupert Sutton and Hannah Stuart published by the organisation Student Rights which appears to be some kind of subsidiary of the Henry Jackson Society.

I had glanced through the report when it was published in 2012 but had not bothered reading it word for word as I regarded it as relatively unimpressive.

Structure of the programme

The programme was a panel discussion chaired by Chris Bambery. There were three participants:

The programme can be watched in three parts below. For each part I have briefly summarised the key points that I made. However I do not regarded as feasible to summarise the points made by the presenter or the other participants as there would be too great a risk of distortion.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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