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Is there now a consensus that immigration is a problem?


Transmitted 26 March 2013. Posted 27 April 2013. Updated 29 May 2022

Immigration is a subject that is at the forefront of political debate in Britain, with coverage in the media every day. Accordingly it is easy to believe that there is a consensus in the UK that immigration is a problem.

On 26 March 2013 the the Islam Channel's "Politics and Media Show" discussed the question"Is there now a consensus that immigration is a problem?"

The presenter was John Rees and the participants were:

The line-up is similar to that for the discussion about immigration from Romania and Bulgaria that took place on 21 January. Some of the questions raised in the current discussion were:

I made the point quite forcefully that immigration is no longer a racial issue. Levels of immigration are raised as a concern by many people who are not "White British."

You can watch the 24 minute discussion below. [Unfortunately, since this page was created, the video has changed status and can no longer be watched. I have left the page up in case it becomes available again in future.]


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