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Should Britain worry about immigration from Romania and Bulgaria?


Transmitted 21 January 2013. Posted 22 February 2013. Updated 29 May 2022

On 21 January 2013 I took part in a panel discussion on the Islam Channel, on their Politics & Media show.

The presenter was John Rees and the participants were:

The subject of the entire 24 minute discussion was what would it would mean for Britain when Romanians and Bulgarians became free to move to Britain.

I took the opportunity to explain why the EU's rules regarding the free movement of labour benefit all European citizens, including ours. I also reminded people not to swallow the "lump of work" fallacy, which implies there is a fixed amount of work in the economy, so if immigrants take jobs, there are less jobs for everyone else.

You can watch the programme below. [Unfortunately since this page was created, the video has changed status and can no longer be watched. I have left the page up in case it becomes available again in future.]


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