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TV appearance: Why Holocaust commemoration is vital

A 22-minute appearance on the Islam Channel, alongside a Jewish guest, to explain why everyone should commemorate the Holocaust.

Transmitted 28 January 2019. Posted 7 February 2019.

Human history is littered with awful crimes, some with many millions of victims.

For me, the Holocaust stands out because the Nazis wished to exterminate all Jews, regardless of their age or innocence or loyalty to the German state. It is because of the Holocaust that we have the word “genocide” and the post-war Genocide Convention.

I appeared in a 22-minute discussion on the Islam Channel about the Holocaust and Holocaust commemoration. You can watch it below.

About the programme

This was the “Living the Life” programme on the Islam Channel. The presenters were Bilal (I do not have his surname) and Hajra Khan. The two guests were:

The key points I made

The entire session can of course be watched below, but for the convenience of readers I have briefly summarised my key points:

The programme itself

The programme is embedded below and can be watched by clicking it. The full programme is one hour long and includes sessions other than the one described above.

To watch only the Holocaust session of 22 minutes, start watching at the time of 13:12.


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