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Faith communities in Greater Manchester and the Muslim Jewish Forum

My presentation to students from the Royal College for Defence Studies.


Presented 6 December 2021. Posted 13 December 2021.

The Royal College of Defence Studies is the senior college of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. Its website says: "Most military members are of OF5/OF6 rank (Colonel/Brigadier) although a small number of more senior and occasionally junior officers are also present. Civilian members will be of an equivalent grade or status."

It recently brought a group of its students to Manchester for a week.

The visit organiser contacted the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, which I co-chair, to see if we could assist by putting on a session to talk about the diversity of Manchester and how communities work together.

Accordingly, on 6 December 2021 both I and my Jewish Co-Chair Cllr Heather Fletcher met with about 22 course participants to talk about Greater Manchester’s faith communities and the role of the Muslim Jewish Forum.

The event was hosted by the British Muslim Heritage Centre.

The Muslim Jewish Forum's website page "Faith communities in Greater Manchester and our role" has more details along with my presentation and Heather's.

That page also has the question and answer session, with recordings of the answers from me and Heather.

You can also watch my 12-minute presentation below.


Presentation outline

  1. About the speaker
  2. Greater Manchester’s diversity
  3. The danger of parallel lives
  4. Muslims and Jews in the UK – facts and common interests
  5. The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
  6. What it has done for the speaker
  7. Cllr Heather Fletcher


How the presentation was recorded

My first presentation recording was done on the spur of the moment, just putting my iPhone 6 on the table and relying on its built in microphone. See my page Lecture: The Quran recognises religious freedom.

Once I found recording presentations worthwhile, I purchased a high quality Sennheiser digital lapel microphone which plugs into the lightning port of my iPhone. That produces a much better recording.

The slides

I am happy to share the original PowerPoint slide presentation.

Concluding comments

The fact that I was able to make a presentation sharing my thoughts about religious diversity to such a senior group of officers and civil servants, from both the UK and overseas, is a good illustration of the opportunities that involvement with voluntary organisations can bring.


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