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Are Human Rights and Islam compatible?

Report of a recent event in Parliament. In my view, some interpretations of Islam are completely compatible with Human Rights, but other interpretations are not.

Event date 6 December 2016. Posted 19 December 2016.

On 6 December 2016 I attended the event "Are Human Rights and Islam compatible?" which was organised on the Parliamentary estate by the Inter Cultural Centre.

The speakers were:

There is a relatively detailed write up on the Inter Cultural Centre's website. The entire event was recorded. I have tracked down two of the videos on the internet and embedded them below.

Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh + Question & Answer session

The recording below has Dr Azmayesh's presentation. The Question & Answer session begins at 15:58 with a question from me.

I have not been able to locate the speeches by the other panellists. However there are brief interviews with them on the Pearl TV YouTube channel.

My short video interview

Probably because I had asked a question, I was interviewed by the team from the Inter Cultural Centre. Although the video interview below is quite short, it enabled me to briefly make some key points.


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