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Review of "Jihad Squad" by


8 February 2015

I rarely read graphic novels which should not to be confused with comics. Many years ago I read “Watchmen” by Alan Moore, primarily because my sons convinced me that it was a classic of the field. Having read it, I had to agree. Despite that, the experience did not lead to me reading more graphic novels due to other reading priorities.

However in 2011 I did read “Holy Terror” by Frank Miller, but only because it was criticised as being anti-Muslim.

“Jihad Squad” I read for an even more specific reason. The author is my eldest son Ibrahim Amin.

I had known for many years that Ibrahim was writing a graphic novel about hopeless jihadis, but he never lets me see his material until it has been published. The publishing format meant that he did not receive any free copies which meant that I had to buy it!

It is of course impossible for me to be objective about the book.

Brief overview of the book

The paperback version is a graphic novel of 122 pages which are approximately 17.5 cm wide and 25 cm high illustrated in colour.

It recounts the exploits of a hapless, but successfully murderous, group of “wannabe jihadis.” I will not spoil the plot by revealing more.

Concluding comments

I found the book amusing to read, right through to the back cover which contains (posthumous) alleged criticism of the book by Osama Bin Laden!

As well as being amusing, the book provides a light, but still disturbing, insight into the peculiar world-view of people who want to be jihadis.

Promotional 42 second video

Professor Hans Von Puppet has endorsed Ibrahim's book. You can watch the 42 second video below.

The video's YourTube page also has the following message from the author:

Some people have no sense of humour. Islamists (followers of political Islam), for example. That's why the artist(s) I hired to draw my graphic novel asked to be uncredited -- following events such as the Charlie Hebdo murders. But if you're less easily offended, and are in the mood to see radical Islam mocked via absurdity and slapstick comedy, this book may be to your liking.

Kindle edition above



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