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TV discussion: the struggle against so-called Islamic State

Transmitted 16 September 2014. Posted 7 December 2014.

“The Report” is the Islam Channel’s daily current affairs programme. On 16 September 2014 it featured a discussion about the bombing of Iraq under the title “Islamic State and the war on terror.”

I have no control over the programme titles the Islam Channel chooses but as far as I am concerned “the war on terror” was always a mistaken concept (how does one wage war against an abstract noun?) and it is language that the UK and US governments no longer use. Accordingly I regard use of the phrase by the Islam Channel as contentious.

The presenter was Chris Bambery and the panel participants were:

The program can be watched below. Sadly its topicality has not faded in the intervening three months.

The key points that I made were as follows:


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