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TV discussion about UK charities and terrorism


Transmitted 24 April 2014. Posted 25 April 2014.

On 24 April 2014 the whole of the Islam Channel's "Analysis" programme was devoted to discussion of the possible abuse of charity funds to support terrorism. The first half of the programme was specific to the Syrian conflict; the second half looked at the wider UK issues.

I contributed to both parts of the programme.

Charity funds and the conflict in Syria

On YouTube the Islam Channel has entitled this half "Are Charities threatened by extremists?" The programme was chaired by John Rees and in this half the panel comprised:

This part of the programme focused entirely on issues around whether there was a risk of charitable funds being diverted into paying for weapons and conflict in Syria.

Some of the points I made were:

The full 22 minute discussion can be watched below.


The appointment of William Shawcross as Charity Commission Chair, and Peter Clarke as a Board Member

On YouTube the Islam Channel has entitled this half "Were Shawcross's comments valid or a witch-hunt?" John Rees continued to chair the programme, but the panel changed to:

The background to this part of the programme in particular was an interview given by the Chairman of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross CVO, to the Sunday Times. The presenter also questioned whether Peter Clarke (former Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police Service where he was Head of the Anti-Terrorist Branch and National Coordinator of Terrorist Investigations) was suitably qualified to be a member of the Board of the Charity Commission.

Some of the points I made were:

The full 21 minute discussion can be watched below.


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