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TV discussion: the so called "Islamic State" and Britons

Transmitted 22 August 2014. Posted 6 September 2014.

On 22 August 2014 the Islam Channel's "Report" programme featured a discussion about what the so called "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq means for Britons. The murder of James Foley had taken place only a few days earlier. I appeared on the programme and it is now available on the internet and can be watched below.

What to call it?

I refuse to dignify this terrorist group with the name "Islamic State" and prefer the abbreviation ISIS.

I recognise that the abbreviation is of "The Islamic State of Iraq and Al Shams" (wider Syria) but most readers of the abbreviation are not thinking of the full name. Americans tend to use ISIL, where the "L" stands for Levant.

The presenter was Yasmin Khatun, and after a short video covering the latest news, she hosted a discussion with the two studio guests:

While I disagree with many of the points Dilwar made, I have not attempted to summarise them in case I distort them. It is better for readers watch the 15 minute video and reach their own conclusions.

The key points I made were:

  1. I support UKIP leader Nigel Farage's call for Britons fighting for ISIS to be stripped of their citizenship if possible. I also explained why that is not appropriate in the case of Britons serving in the Israeli Defence Force.
  2. I addressed the twin denials that terrorism has nothing to do with British foreign policy and that it has nothing to do with the terrorists' religious beliefs.
  3. Muslims have on many occasions condemned ISIS's claim to be the Caliphate, and I specifically mentioned the position of the Muslim Council of Britain and the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia.
  4. I affirmed my support for the British policy of not paying ransoms for kidnapped people, as that would only lead to more kidnappings.

The fifteen minute video is below.

Islam Channel Video - The Report Episode 57 | Part 1/2 (22/08/14) - Islamic State and its Britons


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