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TRT World programme about Tory Leadership contender Boris Johnson

Many people forgive Mr Johnson for transgressions such as lying that would sink other politicians. This programme asks why?

Recorded 20 June 2019. Posted 4 July 2019

NEXUS is a TRT World television programme with a very distinctive format. The presenter always interacts with all of the guests "down the wire", even if they could travel to the studio.

Accordingly, even though I was in London on Thursday 20 June at 12:00 when the programme was recorded, I was asked to appear by Skype.

Apart from some historic clips and segments of "vox pop" recorded by the TRT journalist Assed Baig in West and East London, the programme consisted of the presenter Matthew Moore interviewing three guests about Boris Johnson:

Both I and Simon Marks were very critical of Mr Johnson, while Freddie Gray acted as an apologist for him.

You can watch the 26 minute programme below.


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