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A short review of the British National Party Election 2010 Manifesto


24 April 2010

Like other Muslims, I did not need to read the BNP’s election manifesto to know that they hated Islam and Muslims. However, I decided to have a read today just to see exactly what they have to say. Having done so, I thought it would be helpful to write this short review to share with any British citizens who might still doubt what a serious threat the BNP is to the future of our country.

The only way to respond to such a threat is for citizens to go out and vote for the mainstream political party of their choice. Only that way can we prevent BNP politicians being elected to Parliament or to local councils.

The full BNP Manifesto can be found on their website. The page has a summary of the manifesto and a link to download a PDF. The download is not very reliable, and I had to try three times before I could download the full manifesto.

The manifesto is 94 pages long. Much of it is tedious and repetitious, so I have picked out some highlights for this short review.

A dislike of all people of foreign origin

In recent years, the BNP has mainly talked about being anti-Muslim. However, its revulsion against anyone who is not white British is shown by some of the language in the manifesto.

Britain’s existence is in grave peril, threatened by immigration and multiculturalism. In the absence of urgent action, we, the indigenous British people, will be reduced to minority status in our own ancestral homeland within two generations. (Page 16)

According to the Birmingham City Council, 61 percent of all primary school children in greater Birmingham are of Third World origin (“Asian pupils outnumber white children in Birmingham primary schools for the first time”, Birmingham Mail, 26 Jan 2010).(Page 17)

Black people, who according to government statistics make up 2 percent of the population, are the principal suspects in 11.7 percent of homicides (“Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System”, UK Home Office, 2004). (Page 18)

A study has confirmed that whites are overwhelmingly the victims of racially motivated crime, and not the perpetrators, as often portrayed by the controlled media. (Page 18)

The clear message from the BNP is that if you are not white British, they do not want you. They intend to do everything they can to remove non white-British people from the UK.

Labour’s deliberate policy of undermining British identity in this manner forms the rationale behind the BNP’s plan to implement an urgent review of all citizenship grants made since 1997. (Page 19)

Accordingly, even if you are a British citizen, if you acquired that citizenship after 1997 the BNP will seek to revoke it. They also want to deport you if they can find any reason to do so, even if you became a citizen before that, or were born here:

We shall deport all criminal entrants, regardless of their residential status. This includes the deportation of all Muslim extremists, regardless of their length of residence in the UK or citizenship. (Page 21)

The BNP is happy to quote false statistics. For example, it states on page 19 “Britain is already the most densely populated nation in Europe and a BNP government would officially declare it to be a non-immigration country.”  However, Britain is not the most densely population country in Europe. Belgium, Holland and Malta are all more densely populated.

Reintroduction of discrimination

Even when the BNP does not remove people who are not white British from the UK, they can expect to face increased discrimination, which will be sanctioned by the Government, as set out on pages 21 and 22:

We shall also emphasise the importance of the prior status of the indigenous people. There will be a national extension of the ‘Sons and Daughters’ policy in terms of priority for housing and school places, which BNP councils will seek to implement at local level.

We shall repeal the Race Relations Act and all other artificial restrictions on free speech or employment.

We shall abolish all targets and quotas for ethnic representation in all areas of employment, public and private.

A Clause 28-style proscription against the promotion of racial integration in schools and the media will be introduced.

Specific measures against Islam

As explained above, the BNP is against all people who are not white British. However, it reserves its greatest bile for people who are Muslims. This is regardless of their ethnic origin, so if you are a white British revert to Islam, don’t expect the BNP to treat you as one of their indigenous countrymen!

 The BNP will demand the right of each people to have their own culture, identity and heritage dominate in their ancestral homelands. In this regard, a BNP government would outlaw all overt signs of Islamic colonisation such as the burka, ritual slaughter, mosques and minarets (which are little more than symbols of territorial conquest). (Page 34)


There is a great deal more in the manifesto, but I have resisted the temptation to write about issues such as the BNP’s denial of any human cause for global warming.

My main concern is not that Muslims might vote for the BNP, but that apathy will cause them to refrain from voting. I am also aware that some Muslims still argue that voting is un-Islamic, despite the large numbers of legal opinions from Muslim scholars making it clear that voting in British elections is entirely proper for Muslims.

If Muslims fail to vote and then wake up on 7 May to find that the House of Commons contains one or more BNP members, or that they now have a BNP councillor, they will have nobody to blame but themselves.


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