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Islam Channel interview about my CMF expulsion and views on Boris Johnson

How the Conservative Muslim Forum came to expel me after 13 years of membership, and why I consider Boris Johnson unfit to be Prime Minister.

Recorded 15 July 2019. Transmitted 16 July 2019. Posted 22 July 2019.

I have appeared on television to talk about politics for about a decade. This started with appearances on Islam Channel panel programmes, and gradually progressed to other satellite channels and also the mainstream TV channels such as BBC1 and Sky News.

However, it has always been in the form of either a panel programme, or a relatively short 1-1 interview for a news programme.

It was only when I watched the programme below after transmission that I reflected on the fact that this was the first time anyone has interviewed me for 30 minutes as the sole guest on the programme.

What I enjoyed was that the format, and the way Carl Arrindell conducted the interview, enabled me to give considered and fully formed answers to his questions.

Islam Channel In Focus: Mohammed Amin

Islam Channel have used flowplayer to host the video. Accordingly it cannot be embedded on this website. However you can watch it by clicking the image below, which takes you to the Islam Channel website page for the interview.

Image of In Focus interview to click to see the recording.


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