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MCB Election - endorsement from Yassar Iqbal

5 May 2010

I would like to endorse Mr Mohammed Amin’s candidacy for the Muslim Council of Britain elections.

I believe Mr Amin would to a good job. Although I do not know much about the other candidates, I am confident that from my 3-year association with Mr Amin, he would deliver his pledges.

Personally, I have never met or come across many people who would be willing to go out of their way to help a complete stranger. Mr Amin is the opposite of that. I found out about Mr Amin during my studies in Islamic Finance. I found a link to Mr Amin's blog at PWC where he was a partner.

I decided that I would send an email asking him about Islamic Finance, IF education, IF employment market etc. I did not expect to receive a response, as I had done the same thing to many scholars or professionals involved in Islamic Finance and received nothing back (except the odd occasional out of office response!).

Guess what, I received a detailed response to my email within a few days which included helpful advice and links. Ever since, whenever I have contacted Mr Amin with any questions, he has always responded.

If Mr Amin can do this for someone who was a stranger, then I have every confidence that he will be a strong, helpful, and influential voice for the Muslim community in the UK.




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