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MCB Election - endorsement from Nasar Mahmood

29 April 2010

I am writing as the Chairman of the British Muslim Heritage Centre and as a Trustee of the Manchester Islamic School Trust, this statement as a formal recommendation for Mr. Mohammed Amin.

I have known Mohammed Amin in a personal capacity for over 40 years and have found him to be honest, reliable, dedicated and conscientious member of the Muslim community.

One of the most notable traits of Mr. Amin is that of his willingness to assist causes associated to improving the lives of Muslim around the globe. Mr. Amin plays an active role within the Muslim community and is an ambassador in matters relating to community cohesion.

The unqualified support that Mr. Amin has extended to the Islamic Schools in Manchester, the British Muslim Heritage Centre and the Muslim community as a whole, illustrates his level of commitment and understanding towards matters of faith.

Mr. Amin has on a number of occasions financially contributed towards various Muslim community projects including the Islamic Schools in Manchester and has been one of the first to assist the British Muslim Heritage Centre in this manner which bears recognition of Mr. Amin’s charitable nature.

The support received extends to Mr. Amin’s wife. Mrs. Amin is a qualified teacher was the Head Teacher of Manchester Muslim Prep School for over 8 years. Mrs. Amin like her husband has been active in number of initiatives for the betterment of Muslims as a community in this society and continues to actively support the British Muslim Heritage Centre as well as other community related projects in achieving their noble aims and objectives.

I believe that Mr. Mohammed Amin has the necessary attributes and character traits to fulfil and excel. On this basis I would recommend the post of Secretary General for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

Mr. Nasar Mahmood
British Muslim Heritage Centre



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