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MCB Election - endorsement from Ali Akbar Mohammed

26 April 2010

I was pleased to read that Mohammed Amin is a candidate for the post of General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain. I have known Amin for a very long time, extending some thirty years. Over this period he has been involved with the Muslim community in one way or another. I will only mention the instances where I have personally been involved with brother Amin in some way or other:

On a more personal level Amin has a tremendous capacity and thirst for knowledge in a wide range of subjects and I have seen him become a better and more knowledgeable person in all aspects. I have always found Amin ready to help whenever I have needed him and his advice has always been valuable. Amin is very sincere and a generous person with his time, effort and money. He is extremely articulate, focussed and dedicated and is eager to be of benefit and service to the Muslim community. I believe he is a good candidate and indeed would make a good Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain. “Tried and Tested” I have heard that before but what about “Be Bold Be Brave”?

This comment is written by me in a personal capacity and should not in any way be attributed to any organisation I am associated with.

Ali Akbar Mohammed



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