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Lecture: Islamic finance - why, how, and the problems under UK tax law

My recorded 55 minute PowerPoint presentation explains how the UK has modified its tax law to facilitate Islamic finance.

Lecture delivered 4 May 2017. Posted 10 July 2017.

The regional branches of the Chartered Institute of Taxation all have programmes of tax lectures. On 4 May 2017 I gave the Harrow and North London Branch of the CIOT a lecture on the tax implications of Islamic finance.

As many in the audience were not Islamic finance specialists, I also included some basics regarding how Islamic finance works. I recorded the lecture, and it can now be watched below as a self-advancing PowerPoint presentation.


Presentation outline

How the presentation was recorded

My first presentation recording was done on the spur of the moment, just putting my iPhone 6 on the table and relying on its built in microphone. See my page Lecture: One Muslim’s Perspective on Religious Freedom.

Once I found recording presentations worthwhile, I purchased a high quality Sennheiser digital lapel microphone which plugs into the data socket of my iPhone 6. That produces a much better recording.


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