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A tale of two banks - video

Delivered 17 July 2012. Posted 5 March 2014.

On 17 July 2012, I gave a lecture for the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, (IIBI), in which I compared the published accounts of Bank and London and the Middle East plc and the Islamic Bank of Britain plc.

There is an existing page on this website, based on that lecture, which has the slides and some comments from me. The full 26 minute lecture itself has recently been made publicly available by IIBI, so I have embedded it below. All of the slides apart from a few preliminary ones are shown in the video. If you want to see the missing ones, I have made the full slide pack available.

I wanted to bring out the difference between retail banking and corporate and investment banking which is often insufficiently understood by students. I also consider that too much discussion of Islamic finance is at a very abstract level and wanted a lecture that was grounded in factual information. It also enabled me to show the audience how much one can learn from reading published accounts.

Despite the passage of time, I think the lecture is as educational today as when I gave it.


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