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TV discussion on religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue

Transmitted 31 October 2013. Posted 5 November 2013.

Hidayat TV is a UK based Shia Muslim religious satellite channel. On 31 October they had a 54 minute panel discussion, transmitted live, on the general subject of religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue.

The presenter was Dr Munzela Raza and the panellists were:

The format allowed a wide-ranging discussion. In particular Jonny Wineberg and I were able to outline how the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester came about, and give a broad overview of the many activities we have undertaken since we were established.

You can watch the programme on the internet below. There is a small technical problem which I have not been able to resolve. The video starts part way through, so you will need to use the time slider to make it play from the beginning.


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