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BBC Radio Manchester interview about the London Bombings, alongside Dr Joel Hayward


Transmitted 10 July 2011. Posted 20 July 2011

The "Indus" programme on BBC Radio Manchester had a slot on 10 July 2011 to mark the sixth anniversary of the London Bombings. The presenter, Talat-Farooq Awan interviewed two people together down the telephone line:

  1. Dr Joel Hayward, Dean of the Royal Air Force College.
  2. Myself, chosen in view of my role in helping to put together the book "7/7: Muslim Perspectives."

The interview is just over 7 minutes long. I am grateful to the BBC for supplying the sound file, as it enables people who missed the live interview to hear it. You can learn more about the Indus programme generally by clicking the image lower down.


Screenshot of BBC Radio Manchester Indus programme


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