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A Muslim Prayer for the Nation

Christians and Jews in Britain regularly pray for the well-being of our nation. British Muslims have not yet developed this custom. However a group of British Muslims have written a Muslim Prayer for the Nation, and given permission for it to be reproduced freely.

8 March 2016

As Christianity has long been the majority religion in the UK, it is no surprise that churches regularly have prayers for the nation. For example the Conservative Christian Fellowship holds a monthly "Prayers for the Nation."

Jews are a small minority in the UK. However as Rabbi Jonathan Romain explained in a Guardian interview "Why Jews pray for the Queen" Jews pray for the monarch's family and the nation every Sabbath. Rabbi Romain explains that this custom dates back to the Babylonian captivity, and mentions the following quote from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament):

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captive,
and pray unto the LORD for it;
for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

Jeremiah 29:7, Jewish Publications Society 1917 translation

Muslims in Britain do not yet have the same custom. I suspect this arises from most Islamic scholarship historically having taken place in Muslim majority environments.

Accordingly I was delighted when a friend shared with me a prayer that he and others had jointly composed.

The prayer below was written and edited by key Muslim figures including:

They they have given permission for it to be reproduced on this website. They are also happy for it to be reproduced elsewhere, with attribution, provided it is reproduced in full.

They have also given permission for other people to cannibalise it provided that no amended version is attributed to them.

A Muslim Prayer for Our Nation

O’ Lord, unite our nation around the principles of justice, peace, love and faith.

Put peace and love in our hearts for the diversity that makes our nation so beautiful.

Most Merciful, we pray for our nation to remain tolerant and loving, remove prejudice from our hearts, and allow us to love our brothers and sisters in humanity.

Allow our Government to remain accountable to the people, give them vision and wisdom, as they take decisions affecting peace in our world so that they may uphold peace in the world, advance the welfare of our nation and deal kindly and justly with all our communities.

O’ Lord, Most Strong, give us the strength to protect and care for our neighbours.

Make our hearts and minds aware of our heritage, fulfilling duties and responsibilities as a citizen.

Lord, Most Merciful, allow us to show kindness to those most vulnerable in society.

Protect us from evil, inspire and guide us in defending those open to abuse.

Lord, Most Generous, allow us to give in charitable activity, and to help those most in need.

Make us more conscious of what is not good for us.

Lord, Most merciful, Most Generous, please give us the patience to continue to learn from one another and work towards a more peaceful and kind world.

Make our hearts generous so that we may treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Help us to share that which we have with others, for your sake. Strengthen us, love us and be kind to us all.



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