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64-minute interview with The Middle West Podcast

A wide-ranging interview covering my life journey, the British political scene, individuals and the state, radicalisation, and the key message for young British Muslims.

Recorded 3 August 2019. Posted 9 August 2019

The Middle West Podcast was launched in March 2019, as a collaboration between UK Islamic Mission Youth and Muslim Association of Britain Youth. It announced itself with two tweets:

UKIM Youth and MAB Youth present: The Middle West Podcast.

A fortnightly podcast which aims to discuss matters affecting Muslims in Britain through the lenses of balance.

— The Middle West (@TheMiddleWestPC) March 31, 2019

One of my contacts at Khizra Mosque in Manchester asked me if I was willing to be interviewed for this podcast series. As I take every opportunity to share my views, I readily agreed.

The interview was conducted jointly by Thaqib Moosa from Solihull and Assad Hussain from Rochdale. The conversation was very wide ranging, blending together the following with many other related topics.:

You can hear the podcast below.


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