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A Curriculum for Cohesion


Posted 15 January 2012. Update added 13 February 2016.

In today’s Britain and beyond, it has never been more important to build strong, effective relationships between people of different religious and cultural backgrounds.  Yet the tensions and fissures that exist both on and beneath the surface of society have seldom been greater.  The most urgent example of this is the relationship between British Muslims and Britons of other faiths and none.

In October 2010, Matthew Tariq Wilkinson approached me with an idea for a research project to develop an educational approach that would address this. Since then, I have been helping him to work up the proposal and pull together the academic team that would be needed and a team of patrons. We launched the appeal during August 2011. While we have so far only raised part of what we require, we have started the research project, because the National Curriculum Review of History has a deadline we cannot afford to miss.

Our video appeal

Our website

Our project now has its own website, which contains full details of the project.

Update 13 February 2016

I have added a page to my website which looks back at what the project has achieved in its first 4 ½ years.


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