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TV phone in - Britain post the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich


Transmitted 30 May 2013. Posted 22 June 2013. Updated 29 May 2022

The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich on 22 May 2013 shocked and disgusted Britain. Once it was clear what had happened, I issued a personal tweet:

The murderers claiming to act for Islam who killed a soldier in London are criminal scum who will answer to God on the Day of Judgement.

— Mohammed Amin (@Mohammed_Amin) May 22, 2013

That same evening I then proceeded to issue a Conservative Muslim Forum statement, which was expanded a little the following day. Part of the CMF statement is quoted below:

No political or ideological beliefs can justify such a crime. Any claim by the killers to be acting in the name of Islam is specious, and invoking God’s name while committing a crime is an obscene action offensive to all Muslims.

As well as facing prosecution and punishment by the legal system, in the fullness of time the killers will answer to God on the Day of Judgement for their crimes.

Those who commit such crimes often wish to divide our country and set Muslim and non-Muslim citizens against each other. The Conservative Muslim Forum calls upon all Britons to unite against such criminals, and to reject any attempts to destroy the harmony of our peaceful society.

The following days saw a significant upsurge in anti-Muslim incidents. While deplorable, this did not come as a surprise to most people, as anti-Muslim bigots need few excuses. The following week, I took part in a live phone in show on the Islam Channel: Your Views on the News Post-Woolwich Special 30 May 2013.

The presenter was Azad Ali, and the studio guests were:

The programme has been split into two parts for ease of internet distribution, and can be watched below. [Unfortunately, since this page was created, the video has changed status and can no longer be watched. I have left the page up in case it becomes available again in future.]


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