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Radio Interview: My Messages for Young Muslims

The key message is that the world is not against Muslims, and you can succeed in British or American society.


Interviewed on 3 October 2017. Posted 11 December 2017

Brigham Young University (BYU) is the largest religious university in the USA and is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its J Reuben Clark Law School contains the International Center for Law and Religion Studies which annually hosts an International Law and Religion Symposium.

From 29 September to 6 October in Provo, Utah and then in Washington DC, I attended the 24th symposium which had the theme "Religion and Religious Freedom in a Changing World." While in Provo, on 3 October I was interviewed for 16 minutes on BYU Radio for the show “Top of Mind with Julie Rose.”

You can listen to the interview by clicking the link in the yellow box near the bottom of the page.

It will open a new tab or window and auto-play from the start of the segment of the show containing my interview.

Segment description

I have copied below the segment description from the BYU radio website.

On a Mission to Reach Young Muslims

Guest: Mohammed Amin, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum

Mohammed Amin has been named one of the hundred most influential Muslims in the UK.

Since the 9-11 terror attacks, he’s made it his mission to explain his faith to others. But he’s especially interested in speaking to young Muslims – helping them see the possibilities for their lives. And he does it by telling them the story of his own life.

The son of poor immigrants from Pakistan, Amin grew up in the slums of Manchester to become a partner at the prestigious accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The questions I am asked

The interview was conducted live with no prior notice of the questions.

For the benefit of website readers, I have written down the questions that Julie Rose asks me during the interview. This is a paraphrase, since transcribing a conversation exactly does not work well.

  1. Tell us about the turning point in your life when you went on pilgrimage.
  2. What particularly did you feel that you knew about how to fit into society from being a child of Muslim immigrants?
  3. Being a Muslim, have you experienced ostracism or discrimination?
  4. When you tell young Muslims today about how little personal discrimination you have experienced, does that resonate with them?
  5. In a post 9/11 world, when some British Muslims have become suicide bombers, what is it that young Muslims need to hear?
  6. Should young Muslims feel responsible for terrorism committed by other Muslims?
  7. How should young Muslims respond when asked “Why do Isis and other Muslims hate us”?
  8. When children see President Trump and other anti-Muslim populists on TV, if their parents tell them that the world is not against Muslims, will they believe their parents?
  9. From your outreach work over the last decade, have you come to a different understanding of what it means to be a Muslim?

Pages mentioned during the interview

The interview mentions the two pages on my website which are linked below.

A brief introduction to Islam for non-Muslims

Muslim parents have primary responsibility for preventing their children being radicalised

Click here to listen to the interview. It will open a new tab or window. You then need to scroll down to the interview "On a Mission to Reach Young Muslims - Mohammed Amin, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum."


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