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The Muslim Power 100

The list was published on 10 February 2007 by the Institute of Asian Professionals and Carter Andersen, a company chaired by Khalid Darr which also organised the Asian Jewel Awards. It is in alphabetical order, and is numbered only to make it easier to read.

  1. Abdul Jaffer   Chairman of Bournemouth Football Club
  2. Abid Mufti    CEO United Bank
  3. Lord Adam Patel   House of Lords
  4. Dr Ahmed Moustafa  Artist and scholar 
  5. Ahmad Salam   Head of Islamic Finance, Credit Suisse
  6. Ahsan Ellahi   Managing Director Real Estate Europe HSBC
  7. Aamer Anwar   Aamer Anwar and Co Solicitors
  8. Amin Mawji   Partner, Ernst and Young
  9. Amin Tejani   Executive Chairman LPC
  10. Lord Amir Bhatia OBE  House of Lords
  11. Amir Khan   Boxer
  12. Amjad Hussain   Director General Logistics (Fleet)
  13. Amjid  Ali   Head of HSBC Amanah UK, HSBC
  14. Anila Baig   Journalist, The Sun
  15. Sir Anwar Pervez   Chairman, Bestway
  16. Aaqil Ahmed   Commissioning Editor Religion Channel Four
  17. Art Malik   Actor
  18. Arif Patel   Managing Director, Falsaltex
  19. Arif Mushtaq   Director, LTSB
  20. Ashraf Piranie   Finance Director, Islamic Bank of Britain
  21. Emma Clark   Author and Garden Designer
  22. Dr Farhan Nizami   Nizami, Founder Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
  23. Firoz Kassam   Chairman, Firoka Group
  24. Fuad Nahdi   Editor, Q News
  25. Gai Eaton   Author
  26. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui   Leader, Muslim Parliament of Great Britain
  27. Sir Gulam Noon   Chairman, Noon Products
  28. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani  Founder, Arab Women’s Forum
  29. Habib Motani   Partner Head of Derivatives, Clifford Chance
  30. Hanif Lalani   Finance Director, BT
  31. Dr Hany El Banna   President, Islamic Relief
  32. Haroon  Khan   CEO, Prime TV
  33. Farouq Sheikh  CareTech Holdings Plc
  34. Haroon Sheikh  CareTech Holdings Plc
  35. Dr Haseena Lockhat  Author
  36. Dr Humayon Dar   CEO, Dar AL Isithmar
  37. Imran Khan   Partner, Imran Khan Solicitors
  38. Imran  Khan   Cricketer and Politician
  39. Iqbal Ahmed   CEO, Seamark
  40. Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE  Ex Secretary General, MCB
  41. Irene Khan   Secretary General, Amnesty International
  42. Irfan Qadir   Director, Bank of Ireland
  43. James Caan   CEO, Hamilton Bradshaw
  44. Javed Khan   Finance Director, Premier League
  45. Javed Khan   Chief Education Officer, Harrow Council
  46. Khalid Mahmood   MP, House of Commons
  47. Khurshid Drabu   Judge
  48. Dr Manazir Ahsan  Director General, Islamic Foundation, Leicester
  49. Massoud Shadjareh  Founder, Islamic Human Rights Commission
  50. Mirza Ahmed   Chief Legal Officer, Birmingham City Council
  51. Mohamad Al Fayed  Chairman, Harrods
  52. Mohamed Ali   CEO, Islam Channel
  53. Lord Mohamed Sheikh   House of Lords
  54. Mohammad Qayyum  Director, Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance
  55. Mohammad Sarwar   MP House of Commons
  56. Mohammed Amin   Partner PwC
  57. Moazzam Malik   Deputy Director DFID
  58. Muhammad Abdul Bari   Secretary General MCB
  59. Museji Ahmed Takolia   Chairman, Metropolitan Housing
  60. Naaz Coker   Chairman, St Georges NHS Trust
  61. Nadir Lilani   Founder 99p Stores
  62. Naguib Kheraj   Finance Director, Barclays Bank
  63. Nazir Afzal   Senior Director, Crown Prosecution Service
  64. Lord Nazir Ahmed  House of Lords
  65. Noorzaman Rashid  Harvey Nash Plc LONDON
  66. Perween Warsi   Director S&A Foods
  67. Peter Sanders   Photographer, Peter Sanders Photography
  68. Pinky Lilani OBE  Culinary Writer
  69. Baroness Pola Uddin  House of Lords
  70. Rafique Patel   Partner, Harvey Ingram
  71. Rageh Omaar   Journalist, Al-Jazeera
  72. Ruhi Hamid   Documentary Film Maker
  73. Sadiq Khan   MP, House of Commons
  74. Sajjad Karim   MEP, European Parliament
  75. Salma Yaqoob   Politician, Respect Party
  76. Salman Iqbal   CEO, ARY Digital
  77. Salman  Amin   President, Pepsi Co UK and Ireland
  78. Sarah Joseph   Editor, Emel Magazine
  79. Sayeeda Warsi    Deputy Chair, Conservative Party
  80. Shahid Malik   MP, House of Commons
  81. Shahid Azeem   Entrepreneur, Arkensis
  82. Shami Ahmed   Founder Joe Bloggs
  83. Shamshad   CEO, Stem Cells
  84. Syed Jaffery   CEO, Casualty Plus
  85. Syed Kamall   MEP, European Parliament
  86. Syed Lakhte Hassanain  Founder, Muslim Hands
  87. Dr Tahir Abbas Director of Birmingham University’s Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture
  88. Tariq Gaffur   Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police
  89. Tariq Ramadan   Theologist
  90. Tariq Modood MBE  Professor, Bristol University
  91. Dr Wali Tasar Uddin MBE Chairman, Bangladeshi Association
  92. Waqar Azmi   Head of Diversity, Cabinet Office
  93. Waqar Ahmad   Assistant Vice Chancellor, Middlesex University
  94. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown  Journalist, Independent
  95. Yasmin Hussain   Equality Director, National Assembly for Wales
  96. Yasmin Qureshi   Human Rights Advisor to Ken Livingstone GLC
  97. Yusaf Islam   Singer
  98. Yvonne Ridley   Journalist, Islam Channel
  99. Zahida Manzoor CBE  Legal Services Ombudsman
  100. Zareen Roohi Ahmed  Head of British Muslim Forum


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