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Interview with Western New York Muslims website - my view of life in 12 minutes


5 March 2012

On 27 December 2011 I was visited for lunch by a Muslim I had met only once before, about 20 years ago, when I gave him some career advice. While he is originally from Manchester, Wasif Khan now lives in Williamsville in western New York state in the USA. I was surprised when he asked if he could interview me, which he did using the video record facility on his smartphone. Due to audio enhancement technology, the sound has come out quite well, despite there being no microphone, and the video has now been posted on the website of WNYMuslims, an organisation of Muslims who live in Western New York.

I have embedded the video below, which is 12 minutes and 41 seconds long. I thought it might be helpful to jot down below the video the interview questions which are asked by the interviewer.


Condensed transcription of the questions

  1. Please can you provide your background and explain what you have been doing since retiring as a tax partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2009.
  2. What are your survival tips for Muslims living in remote locations where there are few Muslims around?
  3. How did you manage to preserve your identity as a Pakistani and as a Muslim while growing up in England in the 1950's?
  4. What general advice would you give Muslim youth today?
  5. What three lessons in life have you learned that you would like to share with other Muslims, especially Muslim youth?
  6. What do you think ails Muslim majority countries presently?
  7. What remedies do you suggest for those ailments and the issues that you raise?
  8. What should be the role and responsibilities of Muslims in the world today?
  9. Is there anything that I have not asked that you would like to convey to Muslims in North America?


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